Particulate matter

When the dust won’t settle

While the modern world moves at a breakneck pace, it is also gathering (fine) dust. Particulate matter (PM), a mishmash of microscopic substances, pervades our 21st-century skies, and there is no escaping its impact and effects.

Some types of particulate matter are organic and a fact of nature, like sand or sea salt blown in from distant shores. Other airborne particles are man-made and potentially noxious, the backwash of traffic and industry. These include chemicals, acids, metals, and VOCs, which can take the form of solid particles or tiny droplets of liquid.

Why pure air matters

Particulate matter comes to us through friction, combustion, emission, evaporation, and molecular migration. When fine dust infiltrates the air, it creates pollution. A rule of thumb when dealing with air pollution is this: the smaller the aerodynamic diameter of the particles, the bigger the risk they pose to our health.

High concentrations of particulate matter can harm:

  • The air, suffering the brunt of the pollution.
  • The climate, growing increasingly hazy and fickle.
  • Our public health, which is taking imperceptible hits.

Indoor air quality

All in all, we spend more than 85% of our time indoors. Inside, however, the air quality is five to ten times worse than it is outside, showing an exponential increase in the levels of air pollutants and allergens. Why? More hustle and bustle, less square footage and ventilation. Walls and windows offer surprisingly little protection: unbeknownst to most of us, fine dust has filtered through into our daily lives...

Pure Air100

Good riddance to bad dust. modulyss® introduces Pure Air100, the innovative and eco-friendly follow-up to our In-groove range of carpet tiles.

Pure Air100 offers performance-driven solutions that are sustainable, comfortable, functional and stylish to boot. The easy-to-fit carpet tiles comes in seven unique variations and looks, begging to be arranged into one show-stopping floor pattern.

Pure and simple.

Sustainable innovation

Pure Air100 comes equipped with a special blend of high-grade yarns, all in the ECONYL® version, engineered by Aquafil, Europe’s premier manufacturer of PA6 carpet fibre. They offer distinct technologies and advantages, developed to meet the exacting standards of today’s commercial interiors.

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Gold Standard(s)
in clean air

The GUI is an independent research institute in Germany that tests different floor coverings, analysing their immediate impact on the quality of the indoor air. GUI also put our Pure Air100 carpet tiles through their paces: simulating day-to-day use, the GUI testers release a cloud of dust into a closed environment, allowing the particles to settle on the floor.

Pure Air100
across the board

Our trendy collection of Pure Air100 carpet tiles is perfectly suited to places and spaces that are highly vulnerable or sensitive to the negative effects of particulate pollution. Heavily trafficked areas in public and professional sectors, in particular, will greatly benefit from a floorcovering that can deliver a breath of pure air. Pure Air100 safeguards the indoor air quality and makes for an elegant and informed choice in:

  • Offices
  • Schools and education
  • Airports
  • Hospitals and health services
  • Social housing
  • Hospitality sector
  • Retail (lobbies, corridors, entrance halls, …)

Keeping it fresh

Sustaining the performance

Pure Air100 not only improves the indoor air quality. It also inspires confidence and boosts productivity.

To keep the momentum of fashion and function going at full speed, however, we recommend a regular cleaning regime for our Pure Air100 products.

Hoovering the carpet tiles with a conventional vacuum cleaner will create optimal air circulation thanks to the corrugated microstructure and spatial distribution of the ECONYL® yarns.

Maintenance guide (PDF)

Beauty & Function. Squared

Mix & match

A breeze of pure air caressing pure aesthetic delights. Catching dust. Mixing and matching colours and designs. modulyss® specialises in stylish carpet tiles, combining the down-to-earth elegance of classic tones with the go-getting playfulness of vibrant colours.

The easy-to-fit tiles Pure Air100 come in seven unique variations and looks, begging to be arranged into one show-stopping floor pattern. Mix in the character, charm and colours of our complementary In-Groove, Millennium100 or Xtra Cambridge collections